一:[帮助英语]Helping others is helping oneself_帮助别人就是帮助自己英语作文240字

Helping others is helping oneself_帮助别人就是帮助自己英语作文240字
Helping others has always been a traditional Chinese culture.But nowadays it is strange that people dare not give their helping hands to those in need.We"ve all heard story.An allegory goes that in hell,people are emaciated around the table because the spoon is so long and everyone s just concerned with feeding themselves while in heaven with the same kind of spoon,people are full and happy because they feed each other.
This story is quite thought-provoking.It focus us to rethink our degrading moral sense and whether we should always help others.Though helping others,people tend to have higher mental well-being and happiness,which not only improves physical health but also facilitates personal growth and development.Apart from that,when you help other people get what they want, they will be more willing to help you.It is more likely to establish a harmonious interpersonal relationship and help create a good social climate.
All in all,helping people in need should be advocated since it is always consider as a traditional virtue.Helping others is very often the best way to help yourself.No matter what the motivation is,donating time and energy to others can take you out of yourself.


Last Sunday, I went to Haimen to go shopping. I saw a lot of people standing in front of the supermarket when I was walking down the street.
I wondered what happened there. I hurried to go there to take a look. I ran quickly. To my surprise, there was a girl sitting in the street. The girl with a school bag was about 17 years old. There was also a piece of paper in front of her. It said, “My family don’t have enough money for me to go to school.”
I was very sad to see that. I couldn’t help giving some money to the girl. The girl was very grateful to me. She said, “Thank you!” I was glad to do it. Then I went away with a smile.
That day I had a dream in the evening. I dreamt that I had a lot of money. I did a lot of wonderful things. I helped the poor and the old.
After the dream, I know that we should be kind to others. If they are in trouble, we will try to help them out of trouble. Then we will feel very happy and we will think everything is beautiful. Then we will have a nice life. Dear friends, try to be a kind person, and the world will be better and better.
Many students in our class often said: “If we have time, we will go out of school to do something for our society”. I agreed with them. We hope to have a special day every week to help others. Last month we went to an old people’s home and sang some beautiful songs and performed a play for them. The old people were so happy that they asked us to see them again. I think we should be allowed to take time to do things like that more often. We should be allowed to have Friday afternoon to volunteer and help the people who need our help. Because everyone needs help.

三:[帮助英语]五年级英语《What time is it?》教学案例及反思

1教学内容 :PEP小学英语教材五年级下册Unit2第四课时。句型:What time is it?It’s…… It’s time to…… 教学目标 1. 知识目标 ① 掌握并能运用单词 “o’clock”及句型 “ What time is it? ”、 “ It’s …”、 “ It’s time to… ”。 ② 认读并理解单词“want”。 2. 能力目标 能运用所学的语言知识在创设的情境中进行熟练的交际,并在此基础上能将其应用于日常生活之中。 3. 情感目标 激发学生学习英语的兴趣,帮助学生树立学好英语的信心,增强学生的参与意识,引导学生积极与他人合作,共同完成学习任务,并在成功中体会英语学习中的乐趣。 4.德育目标 通过本课的学习,培养学生珍惜时间、热爱生活的良好品德。 重点难点 1. 重点: 三个句型 2. 难点: 熟练地运用三个句型参与交际 课前准备 1. CAI课件; 2. “o’clock 、want”单词卡片及“What time is it?”、“It’s…”、“ It’s time to…”等句型卡片; 3. 挂钟一个; 4. 模拟钟一个(可任意调整时间); 5. 30只小型模拟钟(可任意调整时间)。 板书设计 clock What time is it? Want It’s… IT’S time to… 教学步骤 Step 1 Free talk T: Boys and girls , nice to meet you. Ss: Nice to meet you, too. 分别与单个学生对话:Hello! How do you do? How are you? What’s your name? How old are you? / Is this your book ? What’s this? (学生的笔、橡皮、铅笔盒…… ) T:What’s this?(黑板上方悬挂的时钟) 引出clock。 Step 2 Warming up 带领学生用一只手模仿时针转圈,同时count from 1 to 12。 Step 3 Presentation (1) 1. Learn the new word: o’clock ① 继而count from 1 o’clock to 12 o’clock。 ② 利用“教具钟”认读钟点。 2. Learn the sentence pattern: What time is it? [NextPage]T:I have many many clocks. Do you want to see them? OK, let’s go! (显示若干漂亮的钟面) T:Wow, so many beautiful clocks! Do you want to know what time every clock tells us? (课件闪现“特大问号”) OK. If we want to know , we can ask ,“What time is it? ” (卡片认读,并贴于黑板:跟读几遍、模仿火车轮转动的方式操练、个别学生抽读) 3. Learn the sentence pattern: It’s … 最后一位学生说“What time is it?” T: By which clock do you want to know what time it is? 老师点击课件并说出时间:It’s…,并教学此句型。 Step 4 Drill 1. CAI依次显示钟面(10:00、 8:20 、9:35),同时操练: A:Excuse me. What time is it? B:It’s … 2. 用滚动的“时刻”设置游戏(抢答竞赛): What time is it? It’s … 3.转变为一个显示7:00的“大钟面”。