假期的英文篇一:我的假期英语作文 My summer vacation(我的暑假生活)

I like the summer holiday every year.This summer I went to Beijing for my holiday,Beijing is our capital city.I went to the Summer Palace,climbed the Great Wall and went to many places of interest.I had a very good time.During this summer holiday,I went to Putuo and Xiangshan.I saw the beautiful sea.I enjoyed having a walk along the beach after supper or having a swim in the moonlight.It"s really "cool".

When I at home,I do my homework in the morning.In the afternoon I practise playing the piano.But in the evening I can watch TV after a long walk with my parents.

If you ask me what my favourite summer holiday will be like,traveling around the world is the only answer.I like travelling so much that l often meet different people and visit different places of interest in my dream.

假期的英文篇二:英语作文 The Spring Festival Holiday(春节假期)

I’d like to share my happiness with you about my Spring Festival Holiday.

On January 21st, I went to Mcdonald with my family. I went to Mcdonald many times, but I still like going there very much. I ate all the food that I ordered. After that, I went out to play with my brother and nephew. We had a lot of fun.

On January 28th, we had a very big dinner together and welcomed the New Year.

On January 31st, my mum took me to the zoo. We also had a good time there.

Sometimes I stayed at home to do my homework, read books, and watch TV. My sister Sally bought me some English books, so I can learn much more English.

Later my mum will take me to the Disneyland in Hongkong. I never go there before. I’m looking forward to going there.

This is my Spring Festival Holiday, and I had a good time during these days. What do you think of it?

假期的英文篇三:三年级英语作文 My Holiday(我的假期)

In my holiday I went to Taishan. I went to there with my mum and dad. And my sister went to Hong Kong with her friends. In Taishan I went to Taishan Museum. At night I went to eat snake, it is so yummy.

Next day I went to catch the shrimps with fish pole. And we ate barbecue in the night. I was so tired after that, so I went to sleep.

In morning, I went back to Guangzhou, and I said: “I come back to Guangzhou; I go back to my home. I like my holiday very much!”

假期的英文篇四:小学生英语演讲稿 My Holiday(我的假期)

Hello everyone. My name is Alec. I’m so glad to be here. My topic is my holiday.

Today is my holiday. I ask my mum, “Can we go to Baiyun Mountain with Dad?” “Good idea,” says mum. We pack some water and snacks, and then we drive there. There are two ways to the top of the mountain. We choose the steeper one because we want a challenge. The scenery is very beautiful. There are trees and flowers everywhere. We see a beehive with bees busy working. We meet a lot of people on the way. Some of them are singing, some of them are dancing, and some of them are playing with their family.

When we climb halfway up the mountain, it is getting steeper and steeper. We are bathed in sweat. Mum and I are tired to walk. Dad says, “keep on going. Where there is a will there is a way.” At last we climb to the summit. We are very happy though we arevery tired. From the peak of Baiyun Mountain we can see the whole city of Guangzhou. It is so beautiful. We sit down, relax, and enjoy our snacks.

I wish I could have more time like this to relax with my family.

假期的英文篇五:my summer holiday英语作文 我的暑假(5篇)

My Summer Holiday

Last term, I graduated from primary school. It means that I will be a junior school student next term. I am looking forward to my school life in the new school. Likewise, it means that this summer holiday is my last summer holiday in primary school. I want to do something different. Firstly, I do some preview for my junior school study. I want to have a good

preparation for the new study tasks. Secondly, I learn to be independent. I learn to cook, so that when my parents go out, they don"t have to worry about me. Besides, I try hard to finish my work independently. I hope I can start to handle my own affairs by myself. Through this summer holiday, I do well in this aspect. Finally, I play a lot in summer holiday, meeting friends, doing exercise and so on. I have a rich summer holiday.

My Summer Holiday

I really had a wonderful summer holiday. I finished doing my homework on time and prepared for the new lessons. I visited my grandparents and spent a week with them. There I helped my parents with the housework and climbed the mountain with them. I do sports with my friends nearly every afternoon. Besides, my parents and I went to visit Shanghai and we enjoyed ourselves very much. What"s more, I also read some interesting books and went to movies with my friends. What a happy and meaningful summer holiday.

My Summer Holiday

I like the summer holidy so much. I look forward to summer holiday every year. Last summer, I went to Shen zhen for my holiday, which is also a city of seashore like Haikou. I enjoyed having a walk along the beach after supper or having a swim in the afternoon. The sky is blue, the air is fersh. Wherever you go, You can always see the green trees, the neat grasses and the colourful flowers. They were really wonderful. Shen Zhen has a lot of tall buildings. And it is a modern city.

I am planning to spend my summer holiday on sports this year. Playing basketball is always my favourite, so some of my classmates and I will form a small team and play basketball together. Sometimes we may have a match against some other teams and I do enjoy the sense when we win the game.

If you ask me what my favourite summer holiday will be like, traveling aound the only answer. I hope that one day I could meet different people and vist different places of interest.

I wish I could have two long holidays in a year, what about you?

My Summer Holiday

My summer holiday started from July.In July,I always stay at home,reading books and watching TV.I borrowed some books from the library of the city.They are about English and Maths.Because I am not good at English and Maths,I need to study hard on them.In the next month,I traveled with my parents to a few of beautiful cities.They are Yangzhou,Lianyungang,Chengdu and so on.I like these cities.They are beautiful cities.I had a wonderful summer holiday.After the holiday,I will study hard and try my best to become a member useful for the society.

My Happy Summer Holidays

My summer holiday of this year was very enjoyable.I went to the countryside to spend my summer holidays with my grandparents.It is very beautiful there.There are green plants,clear rivers,lovely animals and kind people.I spent two weeks helping my grandfather do some farm work there.Besides,I helped the children in the neighborhoods with their lessons.I helped them read English to improve their spoken English.Their parents thanked me for this and thought highly of me.I realized that knowledge is greatly needed in the countryside.