Nowadays, the whales is in danger. Because many countries kill them for different use, they are dying out. To protect our earth and ocean, especially the diversity of creatures. we must realize that we should take effective measures to protect them. If the whales died out, it would have an important influence on other animals in the sea. Also, the environment will be changed. I sincerely hope that we can make our effort to save them!
  In particular, is the giant whale mass stranding of whales is not uncommon, even in the same group of whales stranded in a few days in a row, but because it has always been hard to understand. According to the scientists speculate, as the whale to have a strong group of marine animals, and the scope of activities near the coast, so there are two possibilities: First, the leading whale sick, toward the beach, the other whales also customary to follow the whale to the Forward setting; Second, the whales chasing prey into the bank. When one or a few stranded whales, other whales will follow suit or to try to rescue, resulting in a large number of whales stranded at the same time on the same piece of the beach.
  Marine environment is one in water, seawater tolerance hydrolyzate and suspended solids, seabed sediment and marine organisms, including complex systems. Ocean rich biological resources, mineral resources, chemical resources and power resources is an indispensable resource treasure house of human beings, with human survival and development of the relationship very close.
  The main objective of the current marine conservation is to protect the living marine resources, so as not to failure, in order for human sustainable use. In particular, give priority to protect those valuable and critically endangered marine life. According to the UN for investigation, due to overfishing, accidental capture and killing of non-target to allow hunting of marine, coastal shoreline construction, mangrov