Society produces a lot of rubbish, such as leftover food, waste paper, plastic bottles and batteries every day. It has become a big headache in every city. How to solve this problem? I think rubbish classification is a good way of dealing with it.
  Firstly, rubbish classification can reduce the amount of rubbish and the rubbish pollution to the environment. What is more, it can recycle resources, which will do good to our environmental protection.
  Since rubbish classification has so many advantages, our government should take effective measures and immediate actions. Different dustbins should be placed in public places so that residents can leave their sorted rubbish in them.
  As is encouraged to protecting the environment,Waste sorting is very necessary.It can save the money and the time for a country to deal with rubbish and it also can enhance the quality of people.Concerning the benefits of waste sorting,China has done something really wisely.Now we can see all kinds of rubbish bin in the street,in the park,in the community and so on.And waste sorting is now deeply rooted in people"s mind.I"m really appreciate that.
  Seeking to reduce the amount of garbage in the city, Hangzhou, capital of East China’s Zhejiang Province, is experimenting with a measure to ‘name and shame’ those who fail to put garbage in the right place.
  At the Dongpinggang Community on Hubing Road, people should mark their household numbers on garbage bags before throwing them away, and there are now inspectors staying beside the dustbins, evaluating the classification of garbage.
  The regulations on garbage classification require people to put garbage into four separate bins labeled recyclable waste, harmful waste, kitchen waste and other waste. A total of 843 residential(住宅区的) areas, about 55 percent of the city’s total, have adopted this measure.
  The results of the evaluation are posted in a diagram near the dustb